Friday, 18 January 2013


I'm super excited to start working on some e-courses in the coming months, but the only problem is, I just have too many ideas! So, since I already go to the internet (mostly Google and Web MD because I'm a hypochondriac) to solve all of my life's problems, I figured I might as well consult the internet on this too.

Here are the e-courses ideas I have thus far:

-Basic Pastry Techniques and Recipes
This workshop would take you through all the basic techniques I learned in pastry school. There would be pictures, videos and plenty of text to guide you through recipes like: pate a choux, buttercreams, and meringue methods. Recipes would increase in difficulty for each lesson, and there would be some scientific info given with each recipe, either as a just-for-fun fact, or to help with technique.

-Learning to sew
This workshop would teach you how to set up your machine, basic stitches and techniques and would include cute and fun projects! You would learn how to make a simple skirt, sew simple gifts, and of course, how to mend things. Pictures and videos and plenty of text will of course be included just as above.

-Beginner Knitting
This workshop would give you the basics you need to start knitting. From casting on, to the stockinette stitch, you'll have the skills to knit nearly anything. Plenty of pictures, videos and text would show you how to complete various projects from infinity scarves, hats, and dog sweaters!

Out of these three options, which do you find the most interesting? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Crafting!

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