Friday, 15 March 2013

My Drink/ Entertainment Cart

In our last apartment, we didn't have very much space to entertain, so we didn't invite people over much. I want to change that in this new place and make this home comfortable and inviting for guests (and ourselves, of course). So when I saw two very cute drink carts on A Beautiful Mess (here, and here), I knew I had to have one for this new place!

Our drink cart sits just at the edge of our living room, right at the corner of the hallway that leads to our bedroom, my husband's office and the bathroom. It really fits perfectly there, and I love how my husband's guitar fits nicely between it and the entertainment center. It really adds to the room I think. 

We don't drink much, but have accumulated a good number of different sorts of liquors and wines over the years. I put them right on top for display and ease of use. Of course, we keep the freezer stocked with plenty of ice and chilled mixers on hand to mix and match. The center rack holds our extra cans of soda (diet coke and coke zero), as well as extra bottles of water. There's always a few chilling in the fridge too. The bottom rack is my favourite. It's the reason why I call this not just a drink cart, but an entertainment cart. Our boardgame collection. We're super nerdy and love board games/card games- we have way too many Magic The Gathering cards for our own good. 

I love some of the bottles all on their own just for their looks (see that silver, curved, wine bottle on the far left? So cool looking!) This is where we also keep our cigars (Cuban and Panamanian), as well as coasters and our absinthe spoon (we're looking to get an absinthe fountain in the near future too). 

I love the way our drink/ entertainment cart looks in our living room and I'm so glad I get to share it with you! 

Tell me, what is your favourite thing in your livingroom? 

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