Monday, 15 April 2013

I Made A Tank Top

Tank top- DIY. Jeans, David Khan (thrifted). Cardigan, Old Navy. Sock, hand knitted. 

The other day I was out thrifting and found tons of gorgeous cheap fabric! 

 Soft, green jersey. 4 yards! Original price: 2.99, 50% discount- paid 1.49!

 Soft cotton blend knit. About 1 yard. Paid 99 cents! 

(Vintage?) Cotton with cute floral design. About 2 yards. Originally 99cents, 50% discount- paid 49cents!

The first thing I made from my new fabric was a cute tank top with a peter pan collar. 

To make it: 

Step 1: Trace an existing tank top in a similar style to the one you want to make, onto paper. Leave 1/4" extra around for seam allowances. 

Step 2: Cut out pattern and pin to fabric. Cut out fabric (making sure to flip either the fabric or the pattern when you are cutting out the back piece. 

Step 3: Sew the side seams together (right side facing in, of course.) Then hem all the edges except for the collar. 

Step 4: Follow this awesome peter pan collar tutorial that I found:

Step 5: Wear your new cute tank top! 

While I don't have anymore of this fabric, I would definitely love to do any custom orders for similar tops. Just request a custom order from my Etsy shop

Happy Crafting!

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